World of Warriors 1.5.1 APK Battle Through Wildlands to Defeat

World of Warriors is an RPG fighter in which you assemble warriors and leaders from across the globe and time to fight for you.The warriors are based on historical fighters from civilizations all over the world.The characters are almost like caricatures with big heads and small bodies, and everything ... Continue Reading →

Candy Blast Mania APK Puzzle Adventure game On Mobile

Candy Blast Mania’s approach is unmitigatedly cute and cuddly. Each level in Candy Blast Mania challenges you to collect a certain number of candy within a limited number of turns. While early levels in the game are fairly easy the difficulty quickly increases as you have to manage multiple colours ... Continue Reading →

Call of Mini™ Infinity 2.5 APK Add New Character

Call of Mini™ Infinity game sporting stripped down graphics and maps small enough for most agoraphobics to call home. You begin your career with scant supplies, basic armor and an automatic rifle and over time unlock new talents, items, and game modes using gold and crystals.Like your avatar, every ... Continue Reading →

Tap Titans 2.1.4 APK Brings 30 Animated Heroes

Tap Titans is a fascinating deconstruction of RPGs. The RPG structure brings in a lot of cleverness. Your character can be leveled up by using coins that you get from defeated enemies. The leader has a bevy of special abilities that can be used to fight enemies and the powerful bosses that pop in, which ... Continue Reading →

SimCity BuildIt APK Update with New Buildings

SimCity BuildIt begins as a well-paced and good looking game. There are actual strategic decisions you can make regarding building placement. The same goes for parks, cultural landmarks, and specialty buildings such as transportation and education departments. Power, water and sewage also become important ... Continue Reading →

Survivalcraft APK Brings Realistic Water & Inventory Slots

Survivalcraft is a highly popular mobile game that offers a similar experience to Mine craft, it is often compared to the pocket edition and offers a cheaper alternative at nearly half the price while also having many features that the Mine craft.The Survivalcraft world is dark, dangerous and often scary. ... Continue Reading →

Pudding Pop Mobile 1.5.1 APK For Android

Pudding pop Mobile is a fun and simple puzzle game where you try to link three or more pudding blobs of the same color.It’s an easy and fun puzzle game that anyone can play.In this game there are various puddings arranged according to rows and columns in every level. You have to match same color’s ... Continue Reading →

Battle Camp 3.0.1 APK Released with New Giant Bosses

Battle Camp is a cute little game. Its RPG and PvP aspects add a layer of depth to the proceedings. This game has a cute style with wisecracking monsters and characters and it starts off very easy.Battles are turn-based and consist of the player’s five monsters, each of which falls into one of the ... Continue Reading →

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch 1.4.5 APK Complicated Mechanisms

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a fishing game where you can step into the shoes of professional fishermen searching for the big prizes, which you will fish for using your skills and the best equipment.Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a very fun fishing game that also has spectacular graphics.Each fish has a different ... Continue Reading →

Fast & Furious: Legacy APK 1.0.2 Updated With International Location

Fast & Furious: Legacy is all about cars and racing. There is both drag racing (in the street of course) and drift-style racing as well as additional game modes, all of which feature you driving at a high rate of speed. To partake in these races, you will have a selection of over 50 cars to drive. ... Continue Reading →